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DDM has successfully produced lantern festivals, and thrilling acrobatic performances that have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout North America and Europe.


Our lantern festivals are spectacular night-time events with customized themes and layouts to suit your venue and your market.


DDM can supplement your festival with acrobatic troupes and authentic craftsmen.


 From start to finish, DDM will work with your team to build a brilliant guest experience. DDM can open an exhibition as soon as six months after confirmation of the event.





    Cultural Chinese lantern festivals began during the Han Dynasty of the Chinese Empire, when people believed that fire could ward off evil and bring blessings. The art of the lantern festival has evolved over centuries and is now a combination of traditional and modern materials with the ancient craft.


    Magnificent lantern displays are built on-site by our artisans, using a variety of materials including silk and chinaware. All of our lanterns are then illuminated by environmentally-friendly and cost-effective LED lights. The famous pagoda is made of thousands of ceramic plates, spoons, saucers and cups knotted together by hand – always a visitor favorite.


    Our team of artisans originate from the Chinese city of Zigong, the city known internationally for their expertise in lantern festivals.





    Chinese acrobats are a traditional performing art form, and play a large role in Chinese lantern festivals. Our acrobatic troupe will wow visitors with unique performances and outstanding talent. Chinese acrobatics has a deep cultural significance and is defined by flexibility and balance, group coordination, traditional Chinese music, and folk stories.


     This educational and exciting show will add culture and entertainment to your venue.



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In almost 20 years, we have almost seen it all! But we are always eager to take on new and innovative projects.

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The DDM team were the first to introduce Chinese lantern festivals to the Western World - with the first show outside of China opening in Toronto, Canada in 2006.  Today, our shows typically attract 150,000 - 250,000 guests over a 60 day run.



Our team will work with yours to create a business model that works for your venue, as well as develop marketing strategies and promotional opportunities that are effective in your market.


We require no upfront costs to plan and set up any of our events. We'll work with your team and agree on a revenue model based on ticket sales. Another partnership opportunity includes DDM renting designated space at our venue and paying you a lump sum rental fee. Since our lantern festival often takes place during after-park hours, the disruption to your daily operation is limited.


For more information and to discuss partnership opportunities for your venue, please contact us.


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